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Monday 15 August, 2016 | RSS Feed

That’s Life

I know my favorite thing is men fragmented text, funky guitar and absolute desire is absolutely not afford to buy best Newport cigarettes. So I prefer to imagine holding the beloved guitar (only imagine) gorgeous notes pouring from my fingers, instead of holding textbooks, I tried to think of the left-hand or right-hand rule. I used to hold the brain illusory fantasy experience the illusory happiness. I used to sit in class classroom window, secretly wearing headphones while enjoying boundless rolling hills outside the window, while letting my imagination roam in mind. At this point, whether the teacher how vivid the content, only makes me feel a tractor engine sounds very different.

Rich people want to do but worry, but nothing happy or pig? I saw classmates holding books look serious look, many times I thought I would not have fallen? I do not know if my heart is full of jealousy, but I'm sure the only time my heart is certainly full of confusion. In the third year of the day, I feel more and more melancholy and helplessness filled every corner of the campus. Sometimes, I even feel the dust is infected with this atmosphere and fall shoulder gives me enormous pressure, forcing me to promote hard gait step by step toward another cage. I imagine when I locked myself in a more ornate and expensive cage when exposed parents looked at me kind of smile - happily, said in earnest: "My child, you win honor for our family."

This year, I learned to smoke cigarettes on cigarettes and drink. My breathing smoke, fumes pumped drowned himself. I also breathing alcoholism, drink to your unconscious, then waving his fist sent packing gives me great pressure those pesky dust. Smoking not feel cool, is not that mellow alcohol, they just want to make me forget that teacher's careful guidance and parental expectations eyes. However, these are temporary, then put down the cigarettes and alcohol, reality or reality, life still life, me, or me. Just had a sweet dream, hold hands and not found "Hans Christian Andersen" After the wake, but the thick layer of "dust." Maybe I will again see his father's eyes can not hide the disappointment, give me that look more than once scream like heartache. I love my parents, I do not want to upset them. So I quietly put my heart hidden frustration and negative up, they continue to choose the right direction for me, with my heart depression and their expectations can not head back to the road.

BREAKING NEWS: Max Whitlock wins men's floor gold medal

Great Britain's Max Whitlock has won the men's floor gold medal with score of 15.633. He becomes Britain's first ever Olympic artistic gymnastics champion, after earlier winning bronze in the individual all-round event.

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