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Culture is an additional enjoyment of cigarettes

In short, the spiritual home is a person who wants to achieve the ideal state or is one of the most proud of the success of the realm. The brand's mission is to try to help people reach the state they want to achieve, and sometimes it is a virtual state. Before reaching the brand, the quality of the brand should be achieved. This quality is the concept, quality, strength, image, communication and other complex. It is very important to choose a good brand concept, but it is more important to cultivate a brand with meticulous care and keep pace with the times. He need a pack of cigarettes.

Yesterday morning, in the vicinity of the City Station Road brocade garden, a man want to discard boy escape, then was stopped by passers-by, netizens posting said. Man just covered with a face does not speak, we guess that children may be suffering from disease and their families can not afford, this is the thought of abandoned children. However, yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the district police station to understand the situation, the father and son are in the police station. Faced with the voice of the users questioned, he said that this is a misunderstanding, and then he said he is sad and need a Marlboro cigarettes carton. At 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, netizens posting said, in the vicinity of the City Station Road to send their children to school later, see roadside people a man pointing at, and the man squatted on the ground and with his head covered, on the edge of a child crying, her bag and clothing and bottle. The netizen says, at that time, well intentioned people found the child of a person, and the father of the child who smoked a Marlboro cigarette seemed ready to leave quietly, we found, enthusiastic people would pull the man, then called the police.

Perhaps watching a child crying, and the man from beginning to end are not his mouth to argue, onlookers began to speculate that is not a child suffering from the disease. The man at the time of the move is to abandon a child. Soon, the district police station rushed to the man back to the police station. Culture is an additional enjoyment of tobacco. A brand is a spiritual home. Culture is an additional enjoyment of Marlboro cigarettes. A brand is a spiritual home.