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Light a Newport 100s cigarette

Every new year, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival is an indispensable link. I always acts as a porter role, to accompany his mother to buy a lot of things together -- paste couplets on the door, filled with fruit box fruit, and then go out when father told a long time cigarette. In the numerous special purchases for the Spring Festival yellow one, Newport 100s is very special. Mother with rich food to entertain guests at home, while his father is with cigarettes served men, is very strange, as long as the point of a cigarette, between them always have lots to talk about the topic, smoked a root, it didn't say that finish, again a root. So that they can talk all day, as if to a year of joy and troubles are empty, and then suck on a mouth, a cigarette, smoke ring a spit, infinite relax their own loose.

Courtyard of the sun lazily basking in the sun, father is perhaps tired, lying on the chair, carefree and leisurely, smoking a cigarette, the kind of comfortable, let a person have no envy. I walked up to him and said, "Dad, I've been working for you." And his father said: "smoke a half generation son, used to the taste of home smoke it." Then a deep breath of the mouth said: "Stand in the Mount Huangshan, ah, life is like this, You need to relax yourself."

Perhaps the smoke itself is lonely, but once it is in contact with the fire, flames of love. With resolutely, with refuse, with selfless warm, like a moth to the flame burning themselves, burning youth, burning love, fly ash eventually, cigarette, no trace... Just like the fireworks, suffocating beauty, in full bloom in the night sky bright and colorful, but eventually deep dark and loneliness left to themselves, hiding in the behind the vanity, coolly eclogue sigh. Just like me, sitting in my own forging of loneliness, lit a cigarette, desperately to ignite their own, to burn yourself, just to ---- think of you! Think you fireworks like obviously secretly flowery smile, think you Slim Qinglian like figure, you fireworks illusory want to is picturesque, think you gentle quiet behind the indifferent as water. Maybe I don't know what to do, but I don't want you to look for any reason. Or perhaps you like is that I can never get rid of the smoke nicotine free cigarettes. Pervasive, everywhere, but never touch, only in indistinct depths of standing against the wind.