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Smoking with Beauty

Write your name on the Marlboro cigarette, sucked into the lungs, stay in the closest to my heart." Have long forgotten where to see this sentence, only feel a little sad beauty, they note down. In my memory, there are two women, it seems that there is a point of contact with smoke: one is a former customer. So far, I still clearly remember her name - Lina, two eight Party China, beautiful appearance, dress appropriately, although many times to see her is a casual clothing, shoes, but it is very attractive. Her with a mysterious beauty, is the kind of people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory woman.

I clearly remember that she likes the Marlboro reds cigarettes. She took a Marlboro cigarette from the carry on bag, gently, leisurely suck it up, elegant, like a midnight blue roses, with little fishes fell silent. Absolute is a kind of "alternative" beauty. There is also a friend of friends. Smoking a cigarette, yellow mouth piece continuously, many of which were difficult to mouth, she say plausibly, so they appear to be their own how "awesome." As a woman, but no female modesty. Her name, I have forgotten. After I left, I asked a man what she was. He said: "the two time a." A Marlboro cigarette. What does it mean for a woman?

Maybe it's sad, maybe it's lonely. Cigarette is also lonely. Cigarette in loneliness is a kind of lonely filling. Filled with loneliness, to fill the void with emptiness. Perhaps every smoking woman is lonely, so have a history of beauty. I never object to a woman smoking, nor do I think it is not good for women to smoke (except for health). After all, life is short, everyone has his own way of life. But the same as smoking, but not busy day. And smoke. Elegant woman, suck up do not have a style. On the contrary, it will only make themselves appear more "cheap". As for smoking is harmful to health, people seem to have been blind. Even if the drug is to meet every day, it will feel very normal. (Star drug is a typical example). Unless you have time to dying, will feel the harm of smoking. However, even if some people really came to this world, will still say; I can not eat, I do not want to drink, and I have not, please give me a cigarette and a smoke!